SpaceX COTS 2 Demonstration Flight Now In Orbit

The launch of the Dragon capsule this morning was a success, and it is now in orbit in pursuit of the International Space Station. It was an exciting moment for all at the SpaceX facility, and cheers could be heard at every step from ignition to solar array deployment.

I was excited too, and stayed awake until 3:00 am to see the launch.

I am looking forward to future SpaceX successes, and hope that I can be a part of it. I am submitting my internship application today, and we shall see what comes of it. I hope one day to play an important part in the private space industry, either at SpaceX or somewhere else. After working several years as a "grunt engineer" of sorts, I have dreams of starting my own small aerospace company to fulfill some niche, or to develop new technologies that will allow further development of space and deeper exploration of the solar system. No matter what happens in the near future, it will be interesting and exciting to see how it plays out.

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