4 Channel Radio Transmitter

For a long time now I have been wanting to get into another area of aerospace: model airplanes. But it takes a lot of money and knowledge to get into it. Finally I ordered a 4 channel fm transmitter with a double rotor helicopter. I am really looking forward to its arrival! It probably won't be until after New Year's.
It also has the ability to attach a wireless camera downlinked to a pc or moniter. I might even try attaching my Flip video camera!


Nibbles the Astrocat

I saw an interview in a recent issue of Extreme Rocketry Magazine with a "cat" name Nibbles. Some clever rocketeer had built a spaceship for a small stuffed animal--similar to one of my projects, Squirrel's Rocket. This rocket has got me thinking along some challenging lines. It would be a great exercise to build a rocket as if you were building it for a real pilot!

As you can see, Nibbles had a few rough rides. This is a challenging project, so I'm going to have to spend a lot of time and resources on it, and learn as much as I can.
I have a couple of options: I could either modify my High-5 design slightly, or I could start over with a completely fresh design. The only criteria for my design is that I fly one pilot the size of a Beanie-Baby comfortably and safely aboard a high-power rocket equipped with a cockpit and capsule ejection, and recovery aided by radio transmitter (often called a "Rocket Hunter").


Merry Christmas!

This season makes me so happy and joyful inside; to celebrate the coming of the Savior and King of the Universe! Jesus is at the center of everything, and He's the center of every area and ambition in my life. I aspire to the skies because he is so cool. I learn math and science to marvel about him. Jesus is the reason for everything! Not just for the "season!"

Merry Christmas from DTH Rocket Endeavors!


A Short Break From Rocketry and Now a Wild Return

Hi! You can expect to see more blog posts from me in the future. I took a little break from my blog for a while since I had nothing to blog about. But I've decided to do a minimum of four blog posts a month, and I compiled a list of a few topics.

November was National Novel Writing Month, as I already have mentioned, and while I may have taken a break from building rockets, I did not really a break in rocketry. I sort of took my idea of a Ladder to Space and put it in a sci-fi setting. I'm not really a big writer or anything, but I got in the habit of participating in NaNoWriMo.

What's next?

Well, I've got a lot of rocket projects planned for this next year, including continuing work on High-5, my ambitious level-1/level-2 high-power rocket, and an upgrade to squirrel's rocket, a project in engineering designed to treat the stuffed animal astronaut exactly like I would a real pilot (for instance, no more than six or seven g's of acceleration, but I'm still working on whether that would even be feasible in a high-power rocket).

And I've got one other wildly ambitious project ahead of me: Jr. level-1 certification through National Association of Rocketry (NAR) this spring or summer. But first I have to attend an NAR launch and ask a lot of questions!