Team Name?

I'm going to bring it up next meeting, but I think we need a creative name for our team. If anyone comes up with any good ideas until then, don't hesitate to leave a comment. The same goes with our beautiful nameless feat of engineering.

Looking forward to a new semester! Thank heavens I have NO humanities courses, just pure math and science.



Our TARC entry is now complete! Hopefully it will perform as good as it looks.

I've never worked with phenolic before, so it was kind of interesting trying to cut the slots:

I also have never attached the fins before gluing the whole assembly into the airframe, but I think it works better this way.

...And it slides right in:

Here our completed rocket poses next to its portrait:

 I haven't mentioned the Team much yet. I think we have the perfect balance of skills and talents on our team, from freshmen to seniors, from all interests and abilities. In all we have six members. This has been a great experience. I always thought that collaborating with others produces better results, and it's true. Apparently two horses can pull four times as much as one horse. I'm not sure if that's scientific fact or just a myth, but it's something I've heard before.

I smell another project coming on...

One with a biiiiiiiiig blast deflector!

P.S. -- My computer is still not working, but I'm pretty sure it's a hard drive failure. So once I get a new hard drive, you should expect to see more frequent posting.