Mach 2 Rocket Launch Today

It's going to be a little soggy in the field today, but a great day to launch rockets. I'm planning to launch my Mach 2 rocket. I did a nice black paint job after a lot of priming and fine wet sanding. It will never look this nice again.

I'll be sure to post a video to YouTube later.

Due to RockSim's ever optimistic weight estimations, I believe Mach 2 might be a little fast. I'm sure it will hit at least 1.5 (and hopefully not shred), but it will be impossible to tell for sure since there won't be any onboard electronics except a transmitter.

As usual, I have come up short in the Name Department. The RockSim file is called "38mm Attack," but I think that sounds kind of lame. Commend if you have any suggestions!

Note: If I am unable to borrow a transmitter from someone, I don't think I'll be launching today. Hopefully I can work something out.


Michael said...

Hi DthRocket, I love your videos on youtube. I am on your 3rd Basic tutorial. I am a math teacher at a small college in Nevada. I am working on a small space project. If you would contact me at tutorsmarts@gmail.com, I could tell you more about it. I could use your programming expertise. Keep up the great work!

Alex said...

Cool! I just finished a 38mm MD.
For a name, try MockingJay but spelled like Mach-ing-J (I assume your flying on a J, right). Good luck!

DTH Rocket said...

That's clever! Since this one's lost forever, I'll keep that in mind if I ever build another.