Supersonic Rocket

I've been working nonstop on my supersonic project, and it's starting to take shape! I've had some great breakthroughs in design and some great ideas on how I can achieve a better flight.

The goal for this project is as follows: To build a rocket that flies faster than the speed of sound and creates an audible sonic boom, built strong enough to withstand such high airspeeds, and be recovered safely after flight.

I've put all my technical ability into this project so that it might survive the high pressures of a supersonic flight.

I am building two of them, and one of them I'm adding a payload bay to so that I can include an altimeter. Then I will be able to determine altitude, velocity, and time to apogee.

Rocket Specs:

Length: 20"
Liftoff mass: 8 oz.
Total impulse: 105 N-sec type "G" motor
Projected altitude: 4,000 ft.
Maximum velocity: 1,300 ft/sec (mach 1.16)

Yesterday I thought of a way I can better my chances of hearing the sonic boom. The reason you don't usually here a boom from a rocket is because the shock wave travels out horizontally on a lateral plane above your head. So my idea is to stand farther back from the rocket and tilt the launch pad a few degrees toward the spectators. I want to aim that shock wave right at us. I'm not sure that would help at all, but I'll try it.

The first launch will be ready anywhere from two weeks to four weeks from now.

Let's pray it holds together!


R2K said...

Yes! This is looking great - the biggest concern would be the rocket airframe at this point - it probably will fail first. Did you use paper? I can suggest phenolic for a 29mm kit, but that can wait until you get motors like the H238!

I love the "zipperless" ejection, and the fins also look pretty cool! Make sure you document these flights for us on Youtube.

DTH Rocket said...

It seems to me that the fins would fail before the airframe would. Wouldn't it? It's a pretty sturdy tube.

I'll try to video tape it. But it's going to go fast--and high, about 4,000 feet. I can't imagine how I'm every going to find it. But that's why I made two of them.