Aerospace Projects Exibited in County Fair

Our county fair is over now, and my projects did pretty good in 4H. My practice high-power rocket was awarded reserve champ (second best), and I'm going to state! I am now working hard on rebuilding it for the state fair. It has many of the same features, like similar weight, power, and configuration, but a different shape and paint job. This one will be longer with a narrower diameter, taller than my sister! And I'm going to use two reloadable G64W motors, so if it works the liftoff will be absolutely spectacular. The whole goal of this project is to successfully achieve simultaneous ignition of multiple motors with composite propellants. I'm hoping to go to the next Tripoli MN high-power rocket launch to ask a few questions about igniters.

My other project, "Going Supersonic" received an award of merit, which just means the judge thought it deserved something a little more than a blue ribbon. I still haven't launched them: I'm waiting for an absolutely perfect day. Wednesday looks pretty good... but we'll see.

I put up all my aerospace ribbons from 2006-2008 up on the wall above my workbench for inspiration. A purple ribbon would be a wonderful addition to my collection...

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