Rocket Propulsion Elements! Finally!

I've had my eye on this book for about a year now, and I FINALLY purchased it! This will be a resource that will be useful in educating myself about REAL rocket science, not model rocketry (which is great, and poses too many challenges anyone could master in a lifetime, but is just too small a scale to even leave the troposphere), nor even high-power rocketry. This is real spacecraft propulsion science, and it is the "definitive" text on the subject!

It reminds my of an old cartoon I drew a few years ago:

I now have 7 books in my library. Books are the best!

I have another new book called "Amateur Rocket Motor Construction". I'm not planning on building my own motors anytime soon, but in the future I hope to.


Evergreena said...

Books ARE the best! :0
However, my library has very different kinds of books. I like being able to look at a certain person's bookshelf and see what they're like and what their interests are, just by the titles.

I'll never forget Mr. Tumnus's book "Is Man a Myth?" LOL...

R2K said...

Can I suggest a few?

Well I will :)

All of the Nasa Mission reports.
"This new ocean" by Burrows
"The case for mars" by Zubrin
"Project Orion" by Dyson

Some of my favs. My collection right now is around 25 space and rocketry books. They are the best. Right now I am reading two great science books: "The making of the atomic bomb" and "Dark sun: the making of the hydrogen bomb" Those are about 1000 pages each but very good info.