Catastrophic Flight

Oh well. Better luck next time!

It wasn't a complete failure. The altimeter worked, the video was salvageable, and the camera can be used in future rockets!

View from rocket:


JL! said...

It might sound strange to say it, but that video was kinda interesting anyhow! I'm sure when it flies, it'll be *extremely* interesting! Keep working at it. You'll get it.

Jessie said...

wow, well, good try anyways. Keep persevering!

R2K said...

What motors were used? Looks like too little thrust and too much wind :)

DTH Rocket said...

I put two G77-10Rs in it. It would have been enough thrust if both of them ignited :/

Yes, it was windy all right. But I'm pretty sure it was under 20 miles per hour. Although one gust was strong enough to knock over the loudspeaker! They were still launching I's and J's even through the wind.