I Just Stopped Grinning

... because it is the week before finals, a week appropriately termed "Dead Week." It is rainy and gloomy, and studies hang over students' heads like dark, ominous clouds. But with gritted teeth I forge onward, with the knowledge that the light at the end of the tunnel of my freshman year is just a week and two days hike from where I stand. This darkness of small hard things is a necessary disgruntlement before the pleasantries of the summer. Keep smiling, students!

My head is currently swarming with thoughts of first and second order linear differential equations, homogeneous and nonhomogeneous thereof, theorems of existence and uniqueness, of complex roots and multiple eigenvalues, of laPlace transforms and principles of linear superposition and linear operators, of Gaussian elimination and polynomial least squares regression... *Shudder.* Coincidentally, my brain is also trying to process the three laws of thermodynamics, isobaric and isochoric processes, internal energy and whether work is positive or negative, and a whole slew of other stuff pertaining to physics. I just mentioned .02% of what I dream about at night.

Final Examination... that phrase sends shudders up my spine.


William Jackson said...

You are learning well, young padawan.

DTH Rocket said...

It's good to know that my dad is every bit as nerdy as I am.