Going on a Cool Adventure

This morning we are embarking on an exciting trip down to Huntsville Alabama where all our hard work over the past year will come to fruition.

Did I mention that NASA is ridiculous sometimes? Like, for getting a waiver for 5600 feet when the altitude goal is 5280 feet, and then restricting teams from using the motors they need that will get them close but a little over the altitude goal which is nearing the waiver limit but which is really not a big deal because you can always add mass to the rocket to bring it down to the right altitude and you can't always reduce mass to increase the mass and I'm sorry for the run-on sentence. And hopefully they do not read my blog, because I wouldn't want to insult the agency that went to the moon and is doing our judging and all that... But seriously, come on, NASA. Get your head in the game. Get out and actually go to a few high-power rocket launches once in a while.

I'll get off my soapbox.

Anyhoo, wish us well. Things could either go really well, or really bad.

The payload is 99% complete. We'll probably be putting all the finishing touches on it in our hotel or something. That would be funny.

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Nicole said...

I hope you guys have a great time! Goodluck with the rocket!