Possible New Blog Title

For the past several months I have been toying with the idea of renaming my blog. There is a reason for that. "Exploring Creation with Aerospace" sounds suspiciously similar to Apologia's "Exploring Creation with _____" series of science textbooks. I want my blog to sound more original.

However, I still want it to mean the same thing. This blog is all about, well, exploring creation with aerospace! So I got out a thesaurus and started brainstorming.

Exploring the Universe through Rocket Science
Exploring the Universe through Aerospace
Aerospace Adventures
Aerospace Adventuring
Adventuring in Aerospace
Adventure is Aerospace
Aerospace is Adventure
Aerospace Endeavors
Adventurous Aerospace Endeavors
An Adventurous Exploration of Aerospace
Aerospace to the Glory of God
A Continuous Upward Climb
Ladder to Space
The Adventures of a Rocket Scientist
The Adventures of a(n) [insert adjective here] Rocket Scientist
Rocket Science, A Big Universe, and an Even Bigger God

That's why they call it brainstorming.

If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to post a comment.

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R2K said...

A Continuous Upward Climb sounds very interesting.