Level-3: Putting the Cart Before the Horse

You'd think I'd make sure I pass level 1 and level 2 before even thinking about level 3, but I can't help it. I might pass L1/L2 this August. Then I would want to start working on L3 pronto so I can get certified when I turn 21. I was looking at the costs involved, and it ain't cheap. I was estimating ~$1600. So if I start saving now, I should have enough money and resources by the time Level 3 is attainable. So I got a canning jar, a post-it note, and a sharpie marker, and made a piggy-bank.

I even started brainstorming rocket designs on RockSim. This one goes 20k:


R2K said...

If that money gets you one level 3 flight, how do you pay for the next one? :) Or do you go back to level 1 after one level 3 launch?

DTH Rocket said...

Well, once I have the casing (~$500), all I need to fly again is a reload (~$500). I wouldn't have to spend that much for every single level 3 rocket I ever build and fly, but it still is expensive. And yes, I will definitely hang around levels 1 and 2.