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If only Earth could be orbiting a start in this cluster:

Then we might actually have the means to visit other worlds. It this star cluster, called the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules, M13, hundreds of thousands of stars fit into an area about 150 light years across. Of course, the more you pack into an area of space, the greater the probability of catastrophic events, but I still like to imagine zipping around the galaxy exploring strange new worlds, like in Star Trek. In fact, that is pretty much the only thing I enjoyed about the recent feature film Avatar; the plot structure stunk and the storyline was disgusting, but I liked how the movie-makers were able to create a realistic feeling of space travel.

It is a very boring morning, hence the very random post. But in general I am excited to be graduating soon, and I look forward to this summer in preparation for college!

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R2K said...

Yeah Avatar was pretty bad, but still the dream remains. In Star Trek they call it "le rêve d'étoiles"

No amount of bad films can ruin it.