I Passed My Amateur Radio Exam!

Finally. I was so peeved when I missed it by one point last year. This time I made it with two points to spare. Phew! I'm now a licensed Technician class Amateur Radio operator!

The funny thing is that I almost passed the next exam, too (if you pass the first you can try for the next level without additional charge). I came within five points of passing the General exam, which is funny because I didn't know the answers whatsoever.

Now I can do telemetry, radio tracking, and all that fun stuff. (And maybe I'll Ham a bit too, we'll see.)


Frances, AJ4JQ said...

Congratulations! I guess you don't know your callsign yet, but mine's AJ4JQ. I got my Extra a few years ago, and I'm also interested in aerospace engineering, maybe at Georgia Tech. I'm thinking about the whole college question too :-) Ham radio is a lot of fun, and you should try out all the aspects of it (APRS, DXing, contesting, emergency communications, etc.).

DTH Rocket said...

Thank you, Frances!

It is definitely a great learning experience, I'm sure I will be doing many of those things. Primarily I am interested in using Amateur radio for tracking high-power rockets... It's almost the only effective way to ensure recovery.