AP Week!

This coming week is going to be utterly insane. I have three AP tests in a row, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Stats, Calc and Lit. The following Monday I have Physics. And then... Then I will break my record for a good night's sleep and sleep 15 hours.

Here's how I feel about my prospects:

Stats - 4
Calc - 5
Lit - 2, MAYBE 3
Physics - 4

My blog may fall silent for a week or so.

Details on my L1 HPR cert design are coming up. AFTER the AP.


R2K said...

Nice, I got a 5 on Bio so I got to skip it in college. Saved a ton of time, that was a huge class.

The EGE said...

How'd calc go? I found it pretty easy...

DTH Rocket said...

Calc went great! The MC Q's were 100 times easier than anything we did in class.

Did you take any others?