Celebrating 100 Posts of Blogging Excellence

Happy 100th-post-reading!

Our progress in rocket team has come to a stand still until we can obtain a few supplies. I'm not in the middle of any other projects right now, and all I am doing these days is learning calculus, physics, chemistry, and some topics in trigonometry that wasn't even covered in class. I'm not even in a class for chemistry, I'm trying to learn as much of it as I can on my own because I'm taking an SAT subject test in December. Somebody's not going to have a life..." as my former chemistry teacher put it. And oh boy is he right.

So if I don't post anything for a week, you'll know why.


R2K said...

Nice 100! I think I may have hit 1000 a while back, but have sadly lost track of the total posting. On my main page I have been keeping track so that helps. Will hit 1000 some time next year on R2K.

I remember usually when I hit a cool number, no one else seems to care. But you know how much effort you have put into those 100 posts... so it matters.

Anonymous said...

Hello from the apple store!


Chip said...

Good luck on the test. Those sound like fun and very hard subjects.

R2K said...

Now it is time for 101!