The Chickens are Laying!

Don't be alarmed, I'm not ready for the funny farm, but I really am excited. You see, I'd started some research on the strength of the shell of various egg options for the TARC contest, but I couldn't finish it until the chickens started laying eggs. So far I've discovered that a typical store-bought "large grade A" hen egg can withstand about 24N of force before cracking. I now have three more possibilities: white, brown, or green.


The EGE said...

My cousins have chickens that lay white, brown, tan, blue, green, and pink eggs. It's rather impressive - almost like easter eggs!

Chip said...

That is cool. It would be cool to build stuff out of egg shells.

R2K said...

I had a dream last night of building a rocket to loft a dozen eggs.