Computer Issues and an Update

I'm posting today from a school computer. I regret to announce that my computer is almost permanently disabled. It has a problem where it begins to boot up and immediately shuts off. Some computer geeks at school (that is, geekier than me) are going to see what they can do, but there isn't much hope. My posts will probably become rather infrequent or irregular... But here's an update:

Our TARC entry is nearing completion. I'd post some pictures, but I don't have any. We're hoping to get at least 10 test flights done before March. We also have a few new members, making a total of seven. Now that my computer is on the fritz, our computations are going to be rather crude, or nonexistent. But the more test flights we do, the closer we can get to 825 ft and 40 seconds, RockSim notwithstanding.

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R2K said...

Good luck with TARC and the computer... If you need any advice feel free to post about the specifics of the problem (such as how far in the boot process do you get, etc) because I have worked on many computers and fixed quite a few in my day, mostly my own computers that break once a year. The most recent problem was a video card that just went bad somehow... It took a few days of trouble shooting, but using a diagnostic tool I have (really cheap but powerful, it has LEDs that show you exactly when the boot process fails so you know what hardware is bad). If you can, you may want to just buy a new part as even the most expensive component is much cheaper than a new computer.