One of the first things we're going to be doing in my AerE 161 class is to make a simple computer game. This sounded kinda cool, until I heard that we would be doing it...

... in FORTRAN???

UnFORTRANately, FORTRAN doesn't do anything with graphics, sprites, or anything. We have to be a little creative, and do some research on our own.

It will be a simple tanks game, where you try to shoot a target by adjusting the angle of elevation of the cannon. Much like this game.

Nevertheless, this class is going to be very fun. Later on in the semester we will be building RC airplanes, completely from scratch, all of our own designs. But in the meantime, I will have to be satisfied with scratching my head for long hours.


Anonymous said...

so want to help each other out ill give you what ever me and my team can write and ill give you what you get done and i wont copy word for word if anything i will read each part figuring out what each thing does and alter mine if needed or usually use your method in my missing parts. Just to make sure your At ISU right. And now where at gilman 1002.

DTH Rocket said...

Huh? I did not understand that paragraph.