Big, Fun, Scary Adventures for 2011

Unlike New Year's resolutions, BFS Adventures are something that last all year. They are akin to resolutions, but are more... adventurous. So here are mine:

  • Get level-2 certified for high-power rocketry
  • Earn at least $5000 dollars by working, and at least $5000 dollars in (non-ISU) scholarships
  • Invent something cool.
What are your adventurous goals for the year?


R2K said...

I am going to live on a small island to study bird nesting and migration this summer. Scary because the birds there are very aggressive and I am told they almost always try to dive bomb your head or at least poop on you regularly. But fun because I can snorkel right off the island and explore the ruins of a pier that once was found there.

DTH Rocket said...

Oooo. That sounds very cool.

Toyin O. said...

Win lottery and travel the world!

Manchester handyman said...

I am going to become the most successful handyman in the history of the uk, i hope. And im gonna help other people do the same, i hope aswell

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