I'm actually writing a novel again this year. I skipped it last year because I was very busy, and even though I'm just as busy this year, I'm going for it.

This year it's science fiction again. In short, it is about some college students interning at the Dellanop Outpost, which is a space station on a planet ~150 billion light-years from Earth, clear across the Universe. Dellanop is linked to Earth by the AerEon, a mysterious portal that had its beginnings as a project at the end of World War V to develop the Ultimate Weapon. While it failed to produce any amount of kinetic energy usable for destruction, it opened up a window into this other star system.

The conflict comes into the story when these students discover the plans of a covert organization that aims to control the AerEon, thereby controlling passage to and from Earth. There are some more plot twists as the story goes on, but I would never reveal them here! (Especially when it is yet unwritten)

So far I'm up to 6883 words, and going strong!


R2K said...

Sounds like a cool story :) Do you have any fav. sci fi authors?

DTH Rocket said...

One of my favorites is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, but his later books aren't nearly as good.

R2K said...

Any Azimov, Phillip K. Dick? Carl Sagan even did a good one, you must know Contact from the film but it was a book first. Good read.

William Jackson said...

Hey, cool! I'm hooked already.

There's a couple of wrimo's here looking forward to 3-way word wars in a couple weeks... Unfortunately I'm not one of them. Maybe next year.