Light at the End of the Tunnel! ...Or is That a Locomotive??

Okay, just kidding. But I can see the end. Only a couple days until Thanksgiving break, and then there are only about three more school weeks until the semester is all over. It's been a long semester, or a quick one, depending on how you look at it. Long, considering all the stuff I've learned and how much life has changed since August. But actually, strictly temporally, it felt faster than a typical high-school semester, probably because the classes go at a much faster pace.

But it's not over yet. Now we have to study for finals.

Due tomorrow is my learning team's technical report for the rocket design project we did in AerE160. We completed the report in about one week, it was a mad dash.

NaNoWriMo continues okay, I'm a little behind schedule though. To reach the 50,000 word mark by November 30th, I should be at 28339 words, and I'm currently at 23216. So it's not terrible. Considering I am capable of doing 10k a day (about average for Nanooks in Pajamas), 1914 a day is NOT an issue in the least.

Thanksgiving blessings:

  • Thank you God for a wonderful family to come home to.
  • Thank you for giving me a passion for aerospace and your Awesome Creation.
  • Thank you  for giving me a great situation here at Iowa State.
  • Thank you for saving me from destruction.
  • Thank you for being my guidance system.
  • Thank you for cereal.
  • Thank you for helping me through difficult times as you always have in the past.
  • Thank you for mechanical pencils.
  • Thank you for wonderful fall colors... while they lasted.
  • Thank you for bringing cold weather.
  • Thank you for getting me through Multivariable Calculus.
  • Thank you God for being my God and for being so awesome.

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Evergreena said...

Yeah. 1,914 a day is nothin'. :) You'll catch up fast when you come home, I'm sure.