Tripoli Minnesota July Launch was AWESOME!

It was a great launch: nice weather, several level 3 certification flights (I think 6), a big turnout, no major disasters, you couldn't ask for anything more! Well, you could, but it wouldn't help.

I only flew one rocket (twice) but next launch I'm planning several big flights including my level 1 and level 2 certification flights! (An update on my progress will be coming soon)

Here's me posing with the sustainer stage of Double Trouble:

The nice thing about the irrigation system was that there were these handy bridges accross the ditches, so you don't have to walk 10 miles if your rocket lands just across the ditch.

A nice recovery:

A team from the U of M came out and launched a weather balloon. I leaned over and told a fellow rocketeer, "It might go 80,000 feet, but it doesn't go mach 3."

My friend Scotty Gleason came out with his monster "Leviathan." He's Jr. L1 certified, but that didn't stop him from building the second largest rocket in Minnesota.

Leviation ready for liftoff (see video for the flight). The parachute got jammed inside the rocket so it had a hard landing. Scott didn't take it too well. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Some ol' rocket that I took a picture of:

And here is the Behemoth. This one had a 38 mm motor in a 98 mm motor mount. (That's fun to say, millemeter motor mount. It's a consonance.)

Stay tuned for some updates on some big projects coming out of my workshop/bedroom!

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