Beginning Work on Construction of Certification Rocket!


I am hoping to get certified with as little difficulty as possible, that's why my certification rocket is just a basic 3FNC rocket.

So far I have glassed the air frame, cut out the fins and centering rings, constructed and glassed the motor mount, purchased the motor case and spacers, ordered the tube couplers, nose cone, parachute and rail buttons, and generally have just been having a great time.

I'm a bit frustrated because one of my centering rings just disappeared and I've been looking everywhere for it. Can't find it.

My least favorite part about building a rocket (besides spending $$$) is the process of glassing the airframes. It's so sticky and messy! I don't get it how some people can come out with such a smooth-looking airframe that it practically glistens in the sunlight. Mine are so lumpy and stringy that it looks like it had been buried for a hundred years. But thankfully it's always something I can sand out.

I need to order a good altimeter for deploying the chutes. I'm thinking about ordering the Parrot Featherweight, but I'm still deciding. What altimeters do my rocketeer readers use?


Chip said...

Cool. That looks like fun. I like your videos. Laying sod must be pretty hard. I work at a greenhouse.
I love air shows.

In Christ

Professional Big Brother said...

A greenhouse? Cool! If there is one thing I love more than rockets it's plants.
Now back to Daniel.
I can't really tell from the picture, but that rocket looks a bit small for an L1/L2. How high are you hoping to shoot that thing? As far as altimeters go, I have heard good things about PerfectFlite. I haven't actually used them though. Apogee Components sells them, and I have always been impressed by their quality.