A Question.

I have a question for the secular biologist. Do you believe that life was created by chance from nonliving matter? If so, describe how this would result in sentient human beings that are not only concious but highly intelligent and have a sense of emotion rooted deep in their souls. If not, what could possibly have implimented such a profound procreation?


The EGE said...

Yes, I do. After all, either life on earth was created by chance, or else by a deity. And then where'd the deity come from? Did was it created by chance from nonliving matter?

DTH Rocket said...

Where did the nonliving matter come from?

R2K said...

Oops try this again...

DTH, we have a very good understanding of the science behind the evolution of life. We also have a very good understand of how life may have first started. We do not yet know HOW life started on Earth, or even IF (panspermia) and as scientists this is simply not a problem. It just means we need to continue working. Many people want answers quickly, and simply, and answers that make them feel warm inside. Well the Universe does not cater to human needs.

Since you are reading a book by Dr. Neil Tyson, I can highly suggest you watch a video of his.


I will skip the argument about god vs no god, that isn't really what you are asking and you will come across it countless times again in your life.

I dont want to you to listen to me, or to any other adults and believe what I say or what they say. A scientist and a teacher would tell you to remain always skeptical, and demand proof proportionate to the claims made.

Let me finish with a link that may be relevant and interesting: