Since school is almost all I have time for these days, I thought I'd bring it to my blog now and then.

In calculus we are doing sequences, L'Hopital's rule, and improper integrals. Pretty straight forward.

Pop quiz:
1. Is 0^0 zero or one? Or neither?
2. Limit as x approaches 1 of x^[1/(x-1)] = ?
3. The third term of an arithmetic sequence is 5 and the seventh is 19. What is the first term?
4. This is a fun problem. Brownie-points to anyone who gets it right:

A rocket, starting from rest, travels straight up with an acceleration of 58.0 m/s^2. When the rocket is at a height of 562 m, it produces sound that eventually reaches a ground-based monitoring station directly below. The sound is emitted uniformly in all directions. The monitoring station measures a sound intensity I. Later, the station measures an intensity 1/3I. Assuming that the speed of sound is 343 m/s, find the time that has elapsed between the two measurements.


The EGE said...

We're just starting that chapter; we already skipped ahead and did all of sequences and series though.

1) It's one of the seven indefinite equations. So neither.

2) e

3) -2

I'll get #4 later when I have some time.

DTH Rocket said...

You got #1 and #3 right, but I'm pretty sure #2 is 1/e, unless I made a bad mistake somewhere. Very close though.