Rocket Team

An amazing new opportunity has come my way: My physics teacher, Mr. Shaffer, is the leader of a small club at my school called the "Rocket Team." The goal of the club every year is to build an egg-lofting rocket to enter in the Team America Rocketry Challenge contest. Every year the rules for the contest are slightly different. This year, we launch an egg to 850 ft and have a total flight time of 40 seconds. Any differences in altitude or time aloft give you points. You don't want points.

And here's the best part about it: if you score in the top 100, you advance to nationals in Washington D. C.! The winners of the national event each receive $10,000 scholarships. This is definately worth some time and energy. A cool thing about nationals is that a lot of head aerospace companies and defense people are there. You could very well just walk into the crowd and start talking to the CEO of Lockheed-Martin. Some great connections can be made there, needless to say.

I hope we do well! No matter what though, it will be a great experience.

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