50 Things I Do When I'm Bored

  1. Try to design a rocket on RockSim to break 100,000 ft using K motors
  2. Make up polynomials and then factor them
  3. Eat a bowl of cereal
  4. Try to find shortcuts to evaluate the nth derivative of a function
  5. Make popcorn
  6. Watch obscure movies
  7. Think about the Universe and wonder if it has a limit, then muse about the space-time continuum and wonder if what theoretical physicists say is true.
  8. Create short films
  9. Create computer programs that will help me win play money in physics class
  10. Eat a bowl of cereal
  11. Read Spacecraft-Environment Interactions by Daniel E. Hastings
  12. Write blog posts about what I do when I'm bored
  13. Organize my room by rocket construction: my desk (where I design them), my supplies and materials shelf (coming soon! Right now everything's just piled up), my workbench, and finally my display rack (coming soon! Right now all my rockets are just piled up)
  14. Buy hundreds of notebooks at Wal-Mart in August when they're only $0.05 then sell them at a garage sale in the spring for $0.10.
  15. Read the dictionary
  16. Write in my Aerospace Research Journal. Usually when I'm bored, its just random stuff I pull off the Internet. But when I'm not bored, I use the journal for some pretty exciting projects!
  17. Use RockSim to design a rocket using no more than a D motor to break the speed of sound
  18. Eat a bowl of cereal
  19. Go out into the garden and sit on our 200 lb pumpkin to think
  20. Homework
  21. Read Rocket Propulsion Elements by George P. Sutton. I love this book!
  22. Wonder why I have no money, then look around my room at all the rocket gear, and then remember why
  23. Read about unsolved math problems
  24. Think about college and wonder what school I will end up attending
  25. Read the Bible (the best thing to do when you're bored!)
  26. 20 pushups!
  27. Nap
  28. Come up with ideas for new research projects that I could start once I'm un-bored
  29. Procrastinate from homework
  30. Go out to field 12 and dream about flying rockets
  31. Wonder why I have no rocket materials, and then remember I have no money
  32. Write a novel in 30 days
  33. Watch ingenius YouTube videos
  34. Sell collectible Avon bottles on eBay
  35. Eat another bowl of cereal
  36. Read The Handbook of Model Rocketry by G. Harry Stine. Nope. I haven't outgrown it yet and never will. I've read some of the most basic sections over and over and I can still get something out of it
  37. Direct a short film
  38. Look at the world map and wonder what places like Uchquduq and Bora Bora are like
  39. Write about reasons why the Big Bang Theory really should be considered a hypothesis because of all the vague evidence interpretted by biased scientists (actually, all scientists are biased, even when they try not to be), and then wonder why everyone has just accepted the hypothesis as fact without even exploring the facts for themselves?
  40. Apply to MIT and Embry-Riddle, just for kicks
  41. Do self-study on amateur radio to hopefully earn my license soon
  42. Draw cartoons (I'm toying with the idea of coming out with a new strip)
  43. Write a program that does linear programming which turned out to be pretty useless but I learned a lot
  44. Make lists. All kinds of lists. Anywhere from to-do lists to rocket supplies lists to Christmas gift ideas lists to lists of subjects I want to learn more about
  45. Join a rocket club at school where we launch eggs
  46. Start another money-making enterprise
  47. Knit a scarf with tassles
  48. Go through things in my "special box"
  49. Take a ten-mile bike hike
  50. Write in my journal about how bored I am


Hepzibah said...

Oh my goodness Daniel! I laughed the whole time I was reading it! That is so you. Other people in cad can't understand you. I guess they have to know you to understand you completely. By the way keep up the great work! Do hard things to the glory of God.

Mom said...

I hope that you will continue to post on your blog when you go away to college next year. It will be a great way for me to get my "Daniel" fix. I laugh so hard at some of your posts!