DTH Rocket Endeavors Website

This is a relatively new blog, and I am still forming ideas as to what it is all about.

I have always had a dream of starting a hobby shop. I used to be very interested in model railroading, and still am, but have set that hobby on the shelf for a while. I still want to start a hobby shop someday, perhaps specializing more in rockets and aerospace.

That dream might not be far off.

I recently purchased the domain name "www.DTHRocketEndeavors.com," and have been teaching myself HTML the past few months. This site would be a conglomeration of this blog, rocketry articles, and maybe even an online hobby shop! The learning curve is steep for me, but it seems possible.

The website is not up yet, but might be within a month to a year. When it is first up I'm guessing that I won't have any inventory yet, because I don't have any capital. Any investors out there reading this?

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to

A. Show people how cool God is

B. Inspire others to pursue there own passions for God's glory, and

C. Give other rocketeers ideas.

Here's a video of a recent launch. I made this video to show how a typical launch goes, and gave a simple tour of my ground support equipment.


cj said...

Yeah, Build a website! Great idea!

JL! said...

Hey, if you need help learning about making websites, how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work, I would love to teach you. It's what I do for a living.

Authoring on the web is very rewarding. I hope you enjoy it!

If I could recommend one book on the subject, it would probably be Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman. Shortly after I read it, I wrote this blog entry (only the first few paragraphs apply directly). If you read that blog entry, you'll see why I love the book. I wasn't a professional web developer at the time, just a half-timer / hobbyist of sorts, but the book taught me a lot of what I needed to know to get started.