"Current Project" Needs a Name

I have to quickly think of a name for this awesome rocket before I launch it on Saturday. Have any bright ideas?

I hope to talk to some experienced rocket people at the launch to see what kind of igniter I should use. I don't want to crash this one!!
View from the top.
I took my cousin's advice and went with flip.
My logo.
There's a deep satisfaction that comes to you when you build a rocket that's nearly as tall as you.

The business end.

Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky
And you know them by name,
You are Amazing God!


Skyler said...

Hello fellow Rebelutionary! That's a really sweet rocket! I don't know a ton about rockets, but I'm really interested in them. Anyway, I've got a name for it, how about
"The Returner"??? or
"The Silver bullet"?
Just some ideas.

DTH Rocket said...

Hi, Skyler!

Thanks for the name ideas. I'm wondering... I might want to name it something that has to do with it's main purpose: cluster ignition, multiple motors, high-power... something like that.

Nice to meet another Rebelutionary!