Starting a New Project!

I started building this rocket about a week and a half ago, and frankly, I think this one's going to be my best one yet! Here are the specs:

-Over 2 pounds
-210 Newton-seconds of total impulse (2 G motors!!!). This is the largest amount of impulse that is still considered model rocketry :D
-Apogee is at 2,700 feet! Over half a mile!
-45 inches in length
-4 inches in diameter
-Spacious payload bay, planning on 2 payloads: altimeter and video camera (perhaps transmitting at 1.2 GHz)

This is what I'm calling my "practice" high-power rocket. This summer I hope to build a full-fledged high-power rocket, and though high-power rockets look similar to model rockets externally (besides size), they have very different construction techniques.

I'm going to include this rocket in my county-fair project on aerospace this year. Watch for more posts as it takes shape!


Evergreena said...

Wow! Great! It's always so exciting to watch your projects take flight!

R2K said...

This rocket looks great.

I love to cluster myself, I built a 4x24mm kit (Loc Viper) and also had a 5x24mm kit (Phantom 4000) a few years back. So much fun, with the extra challenge. Even two smaller 24mm motors (Es) would make a great flight.

What kind of Gs to you want to use for this rocket? I have not been able to fly any Red or Green Propellant yet, I really want to try them soon. Both come in G sizes....

DTH Rocket said...

I'm probably going to use 2 G77Rs, with a 10 second delay, but I might use 2 G64Ws if I can get another motor casing.

What's Green propellant? Is that an Aerotech propellant?

JL! said...

Do you mean you're considering transmitting video wirelessly from the rocket in flight (or as it's falling)?

Have you considered making the payload a video camera that records to internal media rather than transmitting video? You'll likely get higher resolution, and you can capture it and share it more easily. The new Flip Video Mino camcorder, for instance, can record up to an hour of video at a resolution higher than standard definition, and it weighs only three ounces. You could start the recording before it even took off, and have the whole thing on video when you retrieved the payload.

Still, it costs $180. Maybe the cheaper, thicker Flip Video Ultra would do the trick.

I suppose the upside to trying something like this is that, assuming the payload is retrievable, the camera is reusable for hundreds of launches.

R2K said...

Yes, there is now "Mojave Green" that is slowly entering the market. I hope to get some soon. The G76G is supposed to be one powerful G motor, great for your "near high power" work until you are 18. (Ahh I was once in the same place in the late 90s, using G125s for the 7 ft tall rockets just pushing the limit of mid power.)

Hey two quick links I wanted to share with your rocketry readers:


This above is a rocket that uses a 2nd motor at the front of the rocket to slow the model during recovery. Interesting if a bit scary.



These are cone rockets (he also makes UFO types and pyramids among others) and I am going to buy two to try out. Looks like fun.

DTH Rocket said...

JL! - Yeah, my idea is still formulating. I might change my mind. I just thought it might be interesting to have it transmitted to the ground. Your links look interesting... I might check it out. Since I've got a large amount of room in my payload bay I'd probably be more interested in the cheaper one.

R2K - "Mojave Green" looks good. I think I'll download some motor files I try somes sims with it.

By the way, you're one of my first rocketry readers. All my other readers are either friends or relatives, or Rebelutionaries. I hope to have more "rocket scientists" reading my blog in time.

Jessie said...

Way to go! Keep at it and you'll eventually achieve your goals. Thanks for continuing to set an example as one who is running the race God has set before them in perseverance and faith.

R2K said...

Well you are on the right path so maybe in some small way I can support that. Stick to your dreams, get to space!