High-Power Rocket Update

My practice high-power rocket is starting to take shape. I think I'm about 85-90 percent finished: I just need to give it a good paint job, glue the fins in place, and get the payloads. I also might redo the nosecone. I'm not real happy with it. I have limited tools and materials in my workshop, so it turned out kind of sloppy. Everything else looks great, though!

I've already ordered the altimeter. I can't wait until it gets here. The other payload will be a video camera, so check back here around mid-July for the video!

The business end of my high-power rocket. 2 G77 motors will be used to heft this rocket to 2700 feet.

Here, my guinea pig "Bella" poses next to DTH Rocket Endeavors greatest flying machine so far... (Well, I guess that remains to be seen)


R2K said...

What a complex model! I think you have already gone above and beyond what would be required for your typical level 1 rocket kit.

I certified on a 38mm fiberglass kit that had a 29mm motor mount. I am sorry to say that I, true to form, lost that rocket in the woods soon after. That would be at a cost of around $150.

DTH Rocket said...

Thank you!

Just in case I lose this, I'll put my contact information, and maybe the word "REWARD."

R2K said...

Yes I do that with all my larger kits now - just a name and number. But I guess that is a double edged sword: if it crashes into a window do you want them to know who sent it? :)