Lunch with Bill Nye

So I was minding my own business in the computer lab one day (like I usually do), when in walks the president of the Iowa State Space Society (pictured above with her arm around Bill). She asks me and another student who is also part of the ISSS club what we were doing on Friday at noon. "Nothing?" she says. "Well then you two are going to eat lunch with Bill Nye."

Fun stuff like that happens at college.

So some back story: Last May at the Space Tech Expo in L.A. one of our members met Bill and struck up a conversation. Bill wanted to meet the leaders of the club, so when he came to Iowa State this week for the opening event of Engineer's Week, we had the opportunity to eat lunch with him. It was great.

So he told us a lot of interesting and funny stories, we talked about science, space exploration, the Planetary Society (which he is now the CEO of), and of course, the Iowa State Space Society. I wished I had a recorder in my pocket or something. Then I'd be able to write down what we talked about.

At the end after we took a group picture with him, I had him sign my motor casing right next to Kari Byron's signature (Mythbusters).

So that was the highlight of my week.


High Power Rocketry said...

Good thing the topic of religion, creationism, etc. didn't come up...

DTH Rocket said...

Yeah, he mentioned it once (because apparently there was a video of him that went viral on the internet recently). I have quiet opinions on the subject. You see, it's not the important part of Christianity anyway.

High Power Rocketry said...

Just saying Bill is known to be abrasive in person. He once visited some friends of mine at COSI and showed up to a meeting saying "So who has the coke?!"