USLI -- Test Launch 2.0

Yesterday three of us on the CySLI team drove up to the Tripoli MN research launch to conduct a second test launch of our rocket.

In brief, mission success.

We had ordered another L1115 which was supposed to be here last Thursday, but it never came. We ended up launching on a smaller motor (K1440), because the entire country seems to be out of L1115's. This was okay, because the entire point of this test launch was to determine if our shear pins worked effectively. The conditions of apogee are very much the same between 2000 feet and 5000 feet, so this launch was a reliable demonstration. We haven't sent in our FRR addendum yet, but if NASA takes issue with this, I take issue with NASA.

Now we have two days to get the payload fully functioning and get everything ready for the trip to Huntsville!

Really, YouTube?

Unfortunately, the onboard GoPro camera stopped recording after half an hour, and missed the launch.

Prepping the rocket.

On the pad before launch.

Payload recovered successfully.

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