Tree House

My sister and I have always wanted to build a tree house, ever since we knew what a tree house was. But we never had the time, money or know-how... until now.

A lot of kids will go out with a hammer and some nails and some 2x4's they found in the garage and try to build a tree platform... But we did some research and are doing it the right way. For instance: our big 2x10's are each fixed at one end by a single 6" lag screw (to avoid compartmentalization), and at the other end by a bracket so that the trees can sway without breaking the boards or shearing any lag screws.

Once we have these beams up in the trees, we will work on putting a deck platform on top of the foundation, but we won't get to that during break.

This has been a great final "hurrah" for the end of winter break!

Our initial scouting yielded this perfect location!

I can just see us having a picnic lunch up there next summer.

Initial concept sketches.

On the way home from Home Depot. The 14' one is on the roof.

Got up bright and early... for once.

I had to blaze a trail out there, because a bunch of brambles had gone rampant all over the place.

Hauling timbers.

This picture is just to show that goofy grins run in the family. (It's not just me.)

A view from above as we put in the first beam.

The first beam installed.


So what does all this have to do with aerospace? I dunno, maybe making friends with the rocket-eating trees is a good way to get them to leave you alone...

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