I Just Had a Thought...

Scientists would be out of a job if there weren't any engineers in the world. What would be the use of striving to understand nature if nobody took the initiative to harness its power? Certainly science is awesome and cool in its own right; but without engineering, it doesn't produce anything (for propriety).

Just a thought.

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R2K said...

For the first few centuries, it was good enough to simply explore the majesty and wonder of the Universe. These scientists, now we call them naturalists, did not desire any practical returns. That kind of drive has been lost, and most scientists I know don't even seem to care all that much about nature :( Most of them do the job, get a paycheck, and move on. Yes we need that for medicine, jets, and computers. It does not have to be our ultimate goal. In much the same way that you have a passion for Jesus, some of us have a passion for exploration of the Universe. I suspect you also have that drive, even if it is not your most important thing. The early scientists generally (like Newton) investigated science as a way to celebrate creation and better know the creator. In this way, you are walking in their footsteps. I guess the point is, don't lose hope in exploration for the sake of exploration. Practical science is very important, but it is a means for living the life we want to live, but not the end result we need. Our purpose must transcend everyday life, unless we are simply happy to live, eat food, reproduce, and die.