May 1st. Yeeks.

I am supposed to make up my mind as to where I'm going to school next year by May 1st. I have narrowed it down to Iowa State University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, but the biggest deciding factor is, of course, $$$$$. Subtracting grants, scholarships and loans from my financial aid packages, I have to come up $15,000 for IA State or $25,000 for Riddle this summer.

I have saved 0.

That said, I have to go into high-intensity mode for several months if I'm going to actually make this happen. But I still have to decide by May 1st. My brain is drowning in its own bewilderment. Please vote on the poll and leave suggestions or things to consider in the comments section. I'm a first timer when it comes to college (pretty much every college freshman is, I guess). I only have 20 days to decide!!!

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R2K said...

It is sad that colleges are now so expensive. Cheap loans have actually made it more and more expensive. The schools know they can charge insane amounts because people will simply take on huge debt.

In any event, this is a hard choice for you to make but I suspect that both schools will work out. Most colleges, even those without a good reputation, have plenty of options for those who are motivated. I hardly went to an "ivy league" school, but rather to a state university (btw it only cost me about $6000 a year in tuition and about the same for housing!), and I know that I still did not take full advantage of every option there. It was a great school, at a great price.

Just promise us that you will stick to science and research and engineering! We need more scientists in this country.