Disaster Strikes. AGAIN!!

Some days are just like that. One launch cost me almost 200 dollars in damage, because I flew every electronic payload I owned in it... and it flopped. I suppose "flopped" is a bit of an understatement. It "THUD-ed."

The really scary part is that I have to fix this rocket up in 5 days, because I have to box it up and ship it down to the State Fair grounds. I'd be chagrinned to send a half-bashed-in rocket down there... it just isn't done.

This is the second time I've had to rebuild it. I ordered a new nosecone ahead of time, just on speculation. Knowing my history, there was a fairly good chance something could go wrong, and something did:

I am still unsure of what happened, but I think that the most likely cause of this failure is that a wire disconnected on liftoff, breaking the continuity. It was hard to tell among the wreckage, since everything was in shambles.


Chip said...

Ouch, that is tough. Hope everything goes okay getting ready for the fair. So you are having at the MN state fair? I am from MN and would like to see your display. Oh, sweet video on the rocket.

DTH Rocket said...

Well, if you go into the 4H building, the aerospace exhibits are usually on the south wall somewhere. Just look for the red and white two-stage rocket and it's probably mine! Maybe I'll see you there. I'll be there for three days, September 1 - 3.


R2K said...

Rocket crashes are a big part of rocket science. If you keep building, keep flying, keep going... you are on the right track.