First Multistage Rocket: Complete!

I just finished my first mid-power dual-stage rocket! I've built several low-power ones on Este's dash-zero motors way back when, but now I'm venturing into the world of electronic ignition, misfires and lawndarts. I've got a small electronic timer that activates 2 seconds after the G-switch is triggered.

I flew it at a MASA solstice evening launch with only the upper stage. RockSim reported iffy stability, so I wanted to test with as few people around as possible. There were, however, no major anomalies and it flew straighter than an arrow (just a figure of speech), but I think it helped that the wind speed was about .0000001 mph.
The only concern I have can be easily seen in the picture below. Somehow the motor slipped down off the clip. RMS casings can get pretty pricy, and this was a close call.

Finished paint scheme:

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The EGE said...

I've had the exact same thing happen with my 24mm RMS casing. I flew it on a E reload in my Nantucket Sound with a 2/3 charge and it not only slipped off the clip, but actually fell completely out of the rocket. Fortunately, my dad was able to find the yellow casing in the straw and grass.

After that, I personally tape every motor casing larger than Estes 18mm in regardless of engine hooks and that works well. Also makes me glad for my bright red Dr. Rocket casings.