Announcing a New 2-stager!

Length: 48 in
Diameter: 3 in
Payload: camera, altimeter
Max. altitude: ~3,000 ft
Max velocity: mach 0.5
Max acceleration: 350 ft/s/s
No. stages: 2
MMT: 29mm-29mm
Intended motors: G64 to F40 or G64

I'm VERY excited about this one. It's my first composite motor staging attempt, and (once again) I'm being pretty ambitious. This will also be the first rocket to use the altimeter to deploy the chute, and I haven't the faintest idea how that works.

I'm trying to do a SUPER job on this one, spending extra time shaping airfoils, glassing airframes, polishing, and fitting together every piece. I love engineering!

By the way, as usual, I can't think of a name. So if you have any ideas, I'd appreciate it!

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