The Great Minnesota Air Show

I volunteered at a local air show to represent our high-power rocket club, Tripoli MN. We talked to people and answered questions about rocketry, told them about the club, told them about our monthly launch, and told them all about Big Yeller. Our joke was "Do you wanna sign up for the rocket ride? Tickets are going on sale! But we charge extra for the parachute..." And of course we got to watch the airplanes:


What I've Been Doing Lately

Not rocketry per se, but I've been working a lot lately to earn money for rocketry. Very soon I will purchase all the supplies I need to build my certification rocket!

Here's a video I made (a commercial, actually) that shows a little of what I've been doing lately:

As for the rocket I'm planning to build, I'm trying to save money by building a rocket that could be used to certify on both level 1 and level 2. I also bought a 38mm 6-grain Cesaroni casing that can be used with both I and J motors, so I won't have to buy two casings for both certifications. It's a basic 3FNC (three fins and a nose cone) design. I'm taking the KISS approach for once in my life (keep it simple, stupid!).

EARLY tomorrow morning we are driving down to Iowa for my freshmen orientation at Iowa State. I have this sinking feeling that it is going to be very disorienting. But better than no orientation.

Yeah. Life's been busy.


A Quote

"Often, it pays to bridge the apparent gulf between two seemingly unrelated fields of human endeavor."

-G. Harry Stine, Handbook of Model Rocketry


Thinking Outside the Box

Apparently a new skill I developed in 12th grade:


My Last Day of School

Today is my very last day of high-school. *Sniff*

I'm actually a little disappointed, but I'm even more excited to be done! I look forward to the adventures of next year.